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He’s at it again!

For those of you that know us, we don’t like to rest on our laurels (taking about our great reviews I’ll save for another post).   So although we think our menu is already pretty awesome, leave it to Chef Mike Rame to one-up it!

Launching this week was our new Chicken Vindaloo dish.  Loaded with chicken, sweet pepper, potatoes and peas, it comes with grilled buttered naan and kaffir-scented basmati rice.


Also hitting the menu is our new Tenderjack Steak Sandwich.  This delicious 5 oz AAA filet comes with jalapeño-Jack cheese, arugula, chimichurri and served on a garlic-grilled baguette.


Chef Rame has revamped our Roasted Vegetable Flatbread.  Although the name is familiar, you have to try this new version.  Comes with summer squash, sweet peppers, sun dried tomato, cremini mushrooms, goat cheese, parmesan white sauce and sweet balsamic.


Chef Rame has also come up with a new herbed cider vinaigrette dressing for our Spinach salad.  Hence the new “Herbed Spinach Salad”.

Our staff are raving about the new dishes.  Come on in and give them a try soon.

We are a premium casual restaurant known for its well crafted menus and cocktails, an extensive draught and wine selection and the kind of place where comfort rules, and your table is your own little escape. It’s a place where you can be yourself, relax, laugh with friends and enjoy great food.