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The Flying Monkeys

I must admit I was quite intrigued by all this talk of Flying Monkeys. Now, we all know they seemed quite angry in the Wizard of Oz, but what did they know about brewing great beer?

We sent our very own Ryan and Brooke up the 400 to Barrie, Ontario; home of the Flying Monkeys Brewery. The folks at Flying Monkey definitely must have heard stories about Ryan and Brooke, as they had samples of various beers waiting for them upon their arrival. And after rigorous sampling, the wonderful Caitlyn whisked them off for a guide of the brewery.

We’re all relatively new to Flying Monkeys and were pleasantly surprised at the great range of beers they brew. From the Smashbomb Atomic IPA, to their Anti-Gravity Lager each beer delights the palate.

The Flying Monkeys brewery has been owned locally and was the former Robert Simpson Brewery in Barrie. The team entered the brewing facility and got to see where the magic really happens. The Flying Monkeys brewery has gained so much success in the recent years that they have expanded their brewing capacity and added in new tanks to give us more of the good stuff! To keep everything fresh, The Flying Monkeys keeps their malts on site, in a silo atop the brewery. Caitlyn explained that after making the sweet water that will eventually become your favourite kind of The Flying Monkeys beer, they are left with a byproduct of malts. Keeping with being locally conscious the brewery sells their left over malts to local farmers to feed their livestock.

It was a wonderful brewery to visit, and if you’re in the Barrie area we recommend stopping by to see these lovely folks.

We were so impressed, that Flying Monkey Smashbomb Atomic IPA is our Feature Craft Tap. Of course, you can come in and enjoy it everyday, but we feature our Craft Tap for $5 on Thursdays!

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