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We’ll Get To It…

Back in the autumn of 2011, we were in construction mode, doing whatever we could to get things ready to open our doors.  Of course there was construction, menu development, hiring great staff, setting up kitchens, getting signs up, etc., etc.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves until around opening day, someone randomly said “What’s your website look like?”   After some silence, followed by “oh !&@%”, it was clear that nobody had taken on that task.  So we put up a basic (clearly an understatement) website. We said to ourselves that as soon as we open and get things going, we’ll come back and fix the website.

Well, it’s two years later.  And welcome to our long overdue website.  We hope you like it. We had every intention of coming back to fix it quickly.  But something happened on the way to that effort; we got really busy running a start-up restaurant!  We spent whatever free time we had refining and perfecting both our food and service, and spending whatever time we could on taking care of our team and guests.  We’re the first to admit that we weren’t happy with the website we had previously up.  Sure it did the functional jobs of providing menus and taking reservations, but we cringed at the fact it didn’t represent the standards and quality we expect from Union Social.  But along the way, we kept reminding ourselves that as much as we wanted a better website, the keys to our success lay in providing consistently great food and great service.  And if a website had to wait for us to work on those things, so be it.  We think we made the right choice.

We are a premium casual restaurant known for its well crafted menus and cocktails, an extensive draught and wine selection and the kind of place where comfort rules, and your table is your own little escape. It’s a place where you can be yourself, relax, laugh with friends and enjoy great food.