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Wow, its been 5 years?


As we go along our merry way, day in and day out, of trying to build a strong and lasting restaurant company, we seem to declare ourselves as the “New Kids on the Block” to anyone who will listen.   Its actually pretty jarring to us that we’re actually about to celebrate our 5th anniversary of being open.  We are kids no more!

Its obviously a milestone that we’re very proud of, and causing us to pause (albeit for just a second) to reflect on a truly great 5 years.  Its been undeniably hard work and stressful to build a business and a brand that people will enjoy, but we’re so happy we did it.  We get great joy of seeing our guests and team walking in and out of our doors with smiles on their faces, having experienced Union Social.

We’d like to thank all of our guests who put their faith in us and spend their hard-earned dollars with us.  Obviously without you, 5 years wouldn’t have been a reality.  A particularly big “Thank You” to our guests that joined us early in our 5 year journey and have been with us for this great ride.

Thank you to our team.  We know the hard work you put in and the commitment you have to Union Social and our vision for hospitality.   We are so grateful and love you for your spirit and dedication.  We’re really looking forward to the next 5 years.

And our unsung heroes are our great partners.   They have been instrumental in helping us get better as a business, and given us the support needed to continue to grow.   We very much appreciate what you do for us.

Please join us next Thursday November 10th at our Mississauga location to help us celebrate this milestone and to allow us to extend our gratitude personally.

We are a premium casual restaurant known for its well crafted menus and cocktails, an extensive draught and wine selection and the kind of place where comfort rules, and your table is your own little escape. It’s a place where you can be yourself, relax, laugh with friends and enjoy great food.